Juli Shore Design, Brand and Packaging
Girl outside holding a wooden fruit crate of filled with Karen's Naturals fresh dried fruit and veggies. Crates of fresh fruit before the dehydrating. Farmer Bill, the patriarch of Karen's Natuals, with his grandkids walking in the field or crops. Before and after featuring Karen's Naturals brand and packaging refresh by Juli Shore Design. Karen's Naturals new packaging. Lot's fo California produce: cherry, blueberry, peaches, grapes, corn, mango, tomatoes, apple  Photorealistic illustrations of California produce. Karen's Naturals stationary and business cards. Ad showing a happy child snacking on Karen's Naturals Just Apples. Tagline: When food is grown with love you can taste the difference. Karen's Naturals gift cards Karen's Naturals branded merchandise: trucker hats and tees. Karen's Naturals Just Blueberries Karen's Naturals Just Strawberries Animation of Karen's Naturals website designed by Juli Shore Design. Mobile screens of Karen's Naturals responsive website.

Alternate concepts:

Runner-up alternate packaging design concept featuring fresh fruit photography. Runner-up alternate packaging design concept inspired by fruit crate ephemeral.